New Works by Susan Wasinger

Solo Show

at The Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado

in The Lobby Gallery

May 4th through June 23rd

Wow & Flutter looking in with blue and people.jpg

Wow & Flutter:

And the uncertainty of outcomes...

Wow and Flutter  nouns •  [wau]  [fluht-er]  a wavering  in a reproduced sound or tone caused by irregularities during recording, duplication, or reproduction. Low-frequency irregularities cause "wow". High-frequency imperfections are called "flutter".

This group of paintings attempts to depict visually how things feel, or what they sound like, or how they work on the inside, or what they are doing when no one is looking. This work is full of the whir of things, the buzz, the fizz, the ricocheting energy, of light, of sound, of intention. This collection of paintings celebrates the wow and flutter, the unexpected, uncontrolled imperfections that affect our speed and our trajectory, the random elements that change how this world spins. Just when we think we know what we are doing, something comes along that is out of our control, something that totally surprises us, throws us off balance, and takes us off on an unexpected journey. It is this wonderful and terrifying uncertainty of outcomes that keeps things interesting, it creates the tension, the drama, the growth and the magic in our lives.